Flocked !

So I got tempted by SiliconBeat to download the much talked about Flock Browser and then the browser kind of nudged me into getting this blog. Well, no regrets ! The experience is worth it.

Getting started with both flock and wordpress.com is a breeze. Firefox users will feel right at home with Flock. And the social web guys will love what Flock adds on to Firefox. The browser is speedy (uses Firefox 1.5 beta as the core I think) and is quite good looking already for a preview.

The additional features are pretty much whats missing from Firefox right now to take advantage of, well, Web 2.0. The favorites/bookmarks integration is so about time. Right now, it uses del.icio.us and not my favorite bookmark manager – Furl. But, they have placeholders in the options panel for future additions of moree bookmark services. Blogging has been well integrated. This will probably get the lazy me to blog more often since i do not even go an extra step to launch a browser window or w.bloggar to make a post right now.

You can easily grab pictures from a flickr account and add it to your blog post. Again, its flickr for now and options for other photo sharing services might be coming soon.

These are just some first impressions. I will talk about Flock more as I use it more often. But, so far so good. I like it !


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